Basingstoke RFC Colts



Age Range:

16 - 17

Basingstoke RFC Colts Team

Basingstoke RFC Colts Team is an inclusive male team for anyone in Year 12 and 13 (1st and 2nd year sixth form) wanting to play rugby.

The team will play in the Hampshire Colts Merit League 2 for the 2018/19 season .

During the summer period/out of season period fitness training happens on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm and Sunday afternoons from 1.00pm.

During the season, training happens on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with matches on Sunday afternoons.

Why not come and join us.

For more information please contact:

Team Manager: Joe Whatmore

Lead Coach: Joe Whatmore

Assisted By: Leon Williams, Mark Paine, Toby Warburton

First aid: Marie Richards