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Coaching at Basingstoke RFC

When you volunteer to help with children’s or adult’s coaching at BRFC, we want to support you to do your best. We require you to attend the two basic courses, Rugby Ready (safe delivery of rugby coaching) and Play It Safe (safeguarding training for working with children under 18 years in rugby). Both these courses are 3 hours long. We also require all coaches and team managers to complete the online Headcase Concussion Module – this takes around 20 minutes to complete.

If you already have a qualification in First Aid, or are willing to train for this, please contact our Rugby Safe Lead, Sarah Whatmore. 

Coaches Charter

When you join one of our coaching teams at Basingstoke RFC, you must sign up for our Coaches Charter, which outlines your responsibilities and obligations: please sign and return to the Coaching Coordinator, Volunteer Manager or Youth Chair.

Coaches Charter - Download

In your Coaching teams, you will be able to regularly assess the quality of your own input in liaison with your Lead Coach and the Coaching Coordinator using the assessment form:

Coaching Assessment - Download

Once you have completed the two basic rugby courses, the online concussion module and have been assisting for one season, you can apply to the Club Coaching Coordinator or Youth Chair to continue your Coaching development by undertaking further coaching training (such as the England Rugby Coaching Award, which qualifies you to lead coaching, or various coaching CPD’s to broaden your technical experience).

For a full description of all courses offered, please see the RFU Training Courses 2020-2021 booklet:  Download

For all courses, please use the following link for online course booking:

The RFU online course booking system allows you to search by course type, region, postcode or date before booking and paying for your course.


Continuous Personal Development for Rugby Coaches

To complement the coaching qualification pathway, a range of CPD short courses and webinars are available to further develop coaching expertise. These help to develop coaches' knowledge and application of technical, tactical, physiological, psychological and lifestyle factors that affect a player’s performance.

The courses are designed to support coaches with training appropriate to the type of player they are working with. CPD plays an important part in the development of a coach, and coaches should undertake these courses before, after and alongside attendance at qualification courses.

The coaching pathway from the base to the summit is not a straight path, and CPD mixed with practice (i.e. coaching application) will enhance your chances of becoming a more effective coach for the benefit of your players.


Coaching Children in Rugby:

  • CPD Kids First U7 Tag
  • CPD Kids First Contact
  • Kids First U10 Rugby On-Demand Webinar
  • Kids First U11 Rugby On-Demand Webinar
  • Kids First U12 Rugby On-Demand Webinar
  • Kids First U13 Rugby On-Demand Webinar

Coaching Rugby - General:

  • England Rugby Coaching Award (ERCA)
  • England Rugby Refereeing Award
  • Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union
  • CPD GameChangers
  • CPD Advanced Coaching Workshop
  • CPD Activate
  • CPD Principles of Attack
  • CPD Principles of Defence
  • CPD Principles of Scrummaging
  • CPD Principles of Lineout
  • England Rugby Mentoring Award
  • CPD Inside 7’s


Coach Licensing

All coaches who attend and achieve either an RFU Coaching Award qualification will be granted a coach licence – subject to a satisfactory DBS (Criminal Records) check. This is maintained by completing one RFU CPD per year.

The licence will last for a maximum of three years from the award date, or until the DBS check expires, when a coach will be required to reapply for the licence.