Tue 20 Aug 2019 14:25

From our recent questionnaire results you stated in the comments that you would not necessarily apply for international tickets as you believed they were allocated to sponsors.


We have looked into these comments and have explained below…


The club currently receives an allocation of tickets to international matches at Twickenham.


Of the 58 tickets, 20 are allocated to Sponsors as part of their sponsorship packages (note that these sponsors make a combined contribution of £50,000 towards the running of the club on an annual basis) – the maximum number of tickets allocated to any one sponsor is 4.


This leaves a total of 38 tickets available to members, who are all able to apply by completing the necessary application form, submitted to David Crabbe, by a stated deadline.

Contrary to popular belief, these tickets are not distributed on a ‘first come first served’ basis. For the 2018/19 season, ALL members who applied for tickets were successful in securing them for their selected match, albeit in some cases they had to accept tickets of a lesser value than the ones that they applied for. For the Scotland 6 Nations match there were surplus tickets remaining after all applications were received and we therefore went back to our sponsors to see if they wanted more than their entitlement. For the Italy 6 Nations match, there was no limit on the club’s entitlement and we were able to order(and secure) as many tickets as we required.


On this basis, it’s not the closed shop and we encourage all members to apply to international tickets when released via in touch/social media comms.

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